Meet Fee

Felecia Gentry, affectionately known as Fee, is a dynamic force in the entrepreneurial and real estate realms. She is known for making waves of change and symbolizes an unwavering commitment to empowering the under recognized, under represented, and under represented faces in the real estate industry.

As an entrepreneur, Fee wears many hats – from a visionary business coach to a strategic investor, an inspiring speaker, and a tireless advocate for transformation. She breathes life into the concept of wealth creation, recognizing its pivotal role in shaping our future. Her undying passion lies in nurturing the next generation of business leaders, transcending the boundaries of the real estate industry, and paving the way for voices to be heard and valued.

At the heart of Fee’s journey is the inception of ONE eXp, the Black eXp Network, and the Sports, Entertainment, and Influencers network – groundbreaking initiatives within the industry. These platforms are the embodiment of her vision, fostering career development, championing the principles of fair housing, and creating invaluable networking opportunities that cultivate collaborative capitalism.

Fee has etched her name in history as the first black woman in the United States to serve on the Board of Directors for eXp World Holdings, a publicly traded real estate company. This milestone only propels her further on her mission to empower high-achieving real estate professionals in building thriving businesses.

But before her foray into the real estate world, Fee was a serial entrepreneur, blazing a trail with her MBA in hand. She founded and managed several businesses in the realms of rehab, fitness, and sports training. Her clientele boasted athletes from the NFL, NBA, WNBA, MLB, NCAA, and even the Olympics. It was her indomitable spirit that led her to become a licensed Real Estate Agent in 2004. Her mission? To guide her clients towards a crucial milestone on their path to financial freedom: property ownership.

Over the past 18 years, Fee’s star has continued to rise. She excels in creating exciting opportunities for her clients, always putting their needs at the forefront, and helping them realize their dreams of economic freedom and closing the wealth gap. In a world where challenges are met with determination and barriers are transformed into bridges, Fee Gentry stands as a beacon of inspiration for all.

“I’m a believer that everyone should have a place to belong. I’ve been using this passion to help emerging and established faces in real estate break through barriers for over a decade. People are the most important part of everything I do, and not only do they want to be seen and heard, they want to feel like they are a part of a culture that values their contribution.” Fee Gentry

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